A Sustainable But Relaxed Tourism Development

From harvested rain water, solar energy powering our site, environmental waste systems to even the espresso coffee we serve being organic and grown on the island.

At Two Canoes we believe sustainable tourism is about building a type and a style of tourism development that contributes to the economic viability of places and people through employment and investment. It contributes to communities’ sense of pride, place attachment and connection with others and it encourages sustainable stewardship over the environmental and natural resources that contribute to the tourist experience.

Local School Donations

We proudly support our local school (years 1 - 6) which is located 500 metres from Two Canoes. Guest can directly donate educational materials to the school.

Our Values

"We will strive to respect Vanuatu culture and customary practices and harness the positive aspects of traditional ways in achieving our environmental sustainability.

Like our guests, we enjoy our island life and environment as it is our home. We foster a strong environmental ethic to underpin our operations, making us stewards of our natural surroundings as a basis for our commitment to constant improvement in environmental conditions.

We strive to employ and develop the skills of Ni-Vanuatu people before we employ non Vanuatu workers. We also maximise our efforts to recruit from the nearest surrounding islands and villages.

We enhance the principle of waste prevention by purchasing ‘greener products’. We are committed to buying fresh local produce from the land and the sea from nearby Ni-Vanuatu families to again minimise the impact that transportation has on our carbon footprint".